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Broken Strings by BloomingRoseXeniia

Love the resouces you choosed :D

I've seen so many of this type in DA, they all look the same. Yours reflects a bit of melancholy that i love. The colors used also gives it a more dark/macabre feeling.
Presentation is perfect, only showing a smaller image would help you prevent arthief and resellers and add a wattermark would help you too.

Great choice of crack brushes. But in some parts the wall looks to be blend to her cracks too. Maybe use diferent cracks in the wall would help.
The model needs a little shadow where she is sitting (legs and skirt) to blend it better.
The face crack is excelent. The chest piece looks very real too.
I would not add the cracks to her cloth cause the cloths would not realy crack like that if it where real, only her arms and face.
Also the strings need a casted shadow too.

Overall, great execusion, only a few detaills that can be re-do to make it more real.
Adding some info on who she is and she is representing will help the watchers understand your work too.
Great work, keep it up :hug:
The Artist thought this was FAIR
6 out of 12 deviants thought this was fair.


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